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212 - SENT & RECEIVED 5/2016-7/2016

Hi y'all and happy new year! Let this year be kind and gentle to all of you. I'm finally gonna start posting my mails from last year, but to be honest there's not much to show. When I compare the amount of mail I got in 2015 (or 2014) to 2016, the difference is huge. I think that the lack of mail was most definitely the fault of my own inactivity. I wish that this year I could be less stressed and focus more on the things that make me happy, like snail mailing! The photos will not be in a chronological order since I truly can't remember which arrived or was sent first, haha. It's been so long!

 photo _MG_8960_zps7e0hmi0k.pngTo Marriah, USA photo _MG_8950_zpsd9edbqip.png photo _MG_8967_zpslyzlrufa.png photo _MG_8963_zpsjquxjiyo.png photo _MG_8964_zpslid76b3e.png photo _MG_8965_zpsd6lzu07e.png photo _MG_8966_zpsjd22syp7.pngTo Katrina, Norway. She gave birth to the cutest baby boy in May, so I made some of the things above for the little prince! photo _MG_8968_zpsk4vlt8lm.png
A birthday card to my sister
 photo _MG_8975_zps3tg5br7o.pngTo Laura, Belgium photo _MG_8972_zpswzwp3gco.png photo _MG_8971_zpsesegbs9u.pngTo Pin Ju, Taiwan photo _MG_8952_zpswgu79lqm.png photo _MG_9070_zpsocrfcqko.png photo _MG_9071_zpswk1n1yyz.pngLetters and a birthday gift from Laura. I love books and became so happy that she sent me a copy of her favorite book! photo _MG_8959_zpsoooeqzyw.png
A letter from Pin Ju
 photo _MG_8961_zpsnsrlunbv.png
A card from Katrina

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