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220 - SENT & RECEIVED 12/2016

In December I finally had time to reply to all the letters I had received during autumn. Some of them had been waiting to be replied ever since August. I always try to answer to my letters as soon as I can, but unfortunately last autumn was a huge mess so I simply couldn't. But boy oh boy, how nice it was to have a little snail mail marathon before I went home for the holidays! I don't have photos of all the letters I wrote since it was so late when I finished. In Finland you can only dream of taking photos in the day light in the winter if you go to school or work, lol. I went to work around 10AM and came home at 7PM as I worked in December: it was dark when I left and it was dark when I came back home. But I guarantee that never have I ever written letters that long before!

 photo _MG_9187_zpsz7yntyvt.png photo _MG_9184_zpsrbxlcgeg.png
A letter and a Christmas gift from Katrina, Norway
 photo _MG_9188_zps23ihf5t7.png photo _MG_9189_zpsxhweupxb.png photo _MG_9194_zpsk8iaznqu.png
A Christmas gift and a letter to Laura, Belgium
 photo _MG_9192_zps6ukaqaz5.png
A Christmas gift to Melanie, The Netherlands
 photo _MG_9193_zps3fmpf8k3.png
A Christmas gift to Marriah, USA
 photo _MG_9190_zpsaitbkrz5.png
A birthday present + Christmas gift to Pin Ju, Taiwan
 photo _MG_9191_zpsyq3hldo8.png
A birthday present + Christmas gift to Katrina, Norway

And that's that! Lots of kisses to my lovely pen pals, I'm so lucky to have you as my friends!


  1. Ei vitsi miten ihania juttuja. :)

    1. Joskus tulee joulun aikaan vähän villiinnyttyä :-D !


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